How do Buy and Sell shares work?

Orders are successfully executed if, and only if, they match another opposite order. Let’s make an example: If you want to buy a share for € 10,00, there must be another person that is willing to sell its own share for € 10,00 or less. If there is a spread between a ‘Buy order’ and ‘Sell order’, the orders can’t be matched and, therefore, the trade will not get executed.Trading Book ModalThe ownership of shares to a catalogue grants the owner the right to receive a corresponding percentage of the future royalty flows distributed for the specific catalogue, till the date the catalogue rights ownership expires. Note that as an investor you own the right to receive royalties until a certain date, after which there will not be a refund of the initial capital and full ownership returns to the original rights owner (except from deals including the ‘Life of Rights’, after which the works enter into the public domain). 

Trading is possible as long as the 'Marketplace' is open; from 10:00 AM GMT until 05:00 PM GMT. Orders which get placed outside of the market’s opening hours, will be registered within the platform’s system, yet they won’t get executed (if possible) until the markets open again.