What is the order book?

When you need to buy or sell shares from a catalogue on the platform, the first thing you should check is the order book. An order book is an electronic list displaying all the buy and sell orders placed by other investors for a specific catalogue. The order book shows the prices and the number of shares that other investors are willing to buy or sell.

How does the order book work?

  1. Placing orders: You may place buy or sell orders specifying the price and quantity of shares. These orders are added to the catalogue’s order book.
  2. Order matching: The platform matches buy and sell orders based on their prices. 
  3. Execution: When a match is found, the transaction is executed and the corresponding buy and sell orders are removed from the order book.
  4. Order book display: The order book is typically displayed in two columns - one for buy orders and one for sell orders. This information helps investors get an idea of the market and make informed decisions.

order book

Successful order execution

Remember: orders are successfully executed only when they match an opposite order. For example, if you want to buy a share for €10.00, someone else must be willing to sell their share for €10.00 or less. If there is a positive difference between a buy order and a sell order, the orders cannot be matched, and the trade will remain pending.

You can view any non-executed orders in your Portfolio under Pending Orders. From there, you can either wait for a matching buyer or seller, or cancel the order. If you have a pending order and another investor matches your price, you’ll receive a notification informing you that the transaction has been executed.

If you have further questions about the order book or how to place an order, you may contact our Customer Support Team at support@anotemusic.com.