How to receive the benefits of the ANote Backstage Pass 

After signup, all verified (KYC approved) accounts on ANote Music will immediately be eligible to access the Backstage Pass’ first level free of charge.

To activate your Backstage Pass and start receiving benefits over your activity, you will first need to have an active portfolio of music royalties, meaning owning shares from one or multiple catalogues, of at least €100. Then simply go to the Backstage page and click on “Activate Blue Pass”. 

Investors will start on the Blue Pass. After investing and performing specific actions like successful bids or trading on the secondary market, you’ll receive more NOTES and upgrade to the Gold and Platinum passes.

With the Backstage Pass:

    • Cashbacks are directly credited in euros to users’ accounts, ready for use within the Platform;
    • Platform credits, while credited to personal accounts, are locked for a set period of time and need to be consumed within the platform;
    • Some other rewards, including Royalties Rewards and Trading Rewards, are paid in NOTES, upgrading your Backstage Pass’ level. 
    • Account holders should complete specific actions like successful bids or owning an active portfolio of music royalties to materialise these benefits. 

How to access the ANote Backstage Pass for NOTES holders

Unlocking the ANote Backstage Pass for NOTES holders is a straightforward process. The pass is activated automatically once you hold a minimum amount of NOTES in the wallet associated with your account. The specific amount of NOTES required varies depending on the level of benefits you aim to access.

To activate your Backstage Pass, all you need to do is connect the wallet where your NOTES are stored: 

connect wallet

Once connected, your NOTES balance will be automatically updated on the Backstage Pass board. Your Pass level will be determined by the amount of NOTES you currently possess.

If you have any questions or need further assistance on how to access the Backstage Pass, feel free to reach out to our team at