Why doesn’t my trading order get executed?

There are a few reasons why your order may not get executed immediately on the ANote Music platform: 

  • Firstly, when the market is closed - from 5 pm to 10 am (CET), your orders won't get executed directly. You can still place orders outside of the opening hours of our market, as they will get registered into our trading book. Once the market opens, all the transactions registered during the closing time will be executed if there’s a matching order to complete the trade; 
  • Secondly, when there is limited trading activity, which means that there are no sell- or buy-orders to match yours. In this case the order will remain “pending” until another investor places an order that matches yours. Our recommendation here is to always check the orderbook before placing an order. 
  • Lastly, if a buy or sell trade results in calculated historical returns which are very low or negative (less than 0.5%), the order won’t get  executed according to the ‘Investors Protection Programme’ (IPP),

The IPP uses information about the catalogue, such as price and performance, to perform calculations and alert whenever your inserted order price would cause a loss for you based on recently-observed royalty history.

To protect the investor's portfolio and maintain market stability, this type of transaction will not be allowed. You may try placing a different price or consider choosing a different catalogue. It's worth noting that you have access to the same information used by the IPP, such as observed annual yield and previous royalties distribution, to make your own calculations. The IPP simply informs you if these calculations result in very low or negative returns.

If you still have questions about your order, please contact us at support@anotemusic.com directly.