Who collects the royalties?

Royalty collection is performed by a variety of players, referred to as "Underlying Royalty Distributors" on ANote Music. For example, streaming income for master rights is collected by digital distributors, while royalties for public performance of publishing rights are typically collected by national Performing Rights Organizations or Collective Management Organizations (PROs / CMOs such as SACEM, SIAE, GEMA, SGAE). The job of a CMO is to ensure that right holders are properly remunerated, by tracking and collecting licenses from all the events and venues where copyrighted works are used. The key concept is that every time a song is played, it generates a flow of Royalty Payments.

When a rights owner sets up and concludes an auction as original Transferor on ANote Music Primary Market, we take care of communicating with the PRO / CMO (and other relevant royalty distributors, depending on the royalty stream being listed). We thus ensure to receive the rightful share of Royalty Payments, in order to transfer flows to the investors owning Royalty Interests.