What is the Investor Protection Programme on ANote Music?

The ANote Music platform acknowledges that investing and/or trading can come with a certain level of risk and prioritises the safety of our investors. Our platform helps investors to make informed decisions based on all the information that we make available to them. However, sometimes certain things might get overlooked in your hurry to perform a particular action, in order  to avoid this and to safeguard investors from making incautious decisions we have implemented an ‘Investors Protection Programme’ (IPP) on our platform. 

This IPP has been set up to inform investors when a trade they wish to perform might get delayed due to a limited amount of shares available. Our IPP will also alert investors when the trade they wish to perform, could result in high volatility or could have a significant impact on an investor's portfolio performance or on the overall market stability. 

In particular, when you place an order:

  • The platform will use publicly available information about the catalogue, such as observed royalties, historical prices, number of shares in the market or the listing term, to calculate potential returns based on the requested execution price. In case of anomalies or relevant deviations from the recent catalogue history, our platform will pop up an alert trigger to clearly flag this out to you;
  • The platform will inform you if there is only a  limited number of shares available for trading on the secondary market.This alert will pop-up to inform you that it may take a while before the order will get executed;
  • Last, but not least, the platform will inform you in case that your requested trade would result in an  increased volatility.

If you still have questions about our ‘Investors Protection Programme’, please contact us at support@anotemusic.com directly.