What is the Backstage Pass:

The Backstage Pass is the loyalty program of the ANote Music platform. The Backstage Pass offers investors exclusive offers, rewards for their activity on the platform and more premium perks. 

At the heart of the Backstage Pass lies NOTES, a utility token that powers the loyalty program. NOTES work similar to points in standard loyalty programs, empowering investors to access exclusive features and rewards based on their level of engagement.

The Backstage Pass is structured on multiple levels. Each level is determined by the amount of NOTES held in your account, granting access to exclusive features such as:

  • Cashback rewards: cashback earned for participating in auctions and special offers;
  • Trading rewards: NOTES received from transactions on the Secondary Market;
  • Royalties’ rewards: NOTES received with each royalty payout you receive.

Trading and royalties rewards are paid in NOTES which can be used to upgrade your Backstage Pass’ level and to determine the amount of cashback you are eligible for.

For further insights into how the Backstage Pass operates, visit our dedicated Support Centre section here:  https://support.anotemusic.com/backstage-pass or reach out to our team at support@anotemusic.com.