What is ANote Music?

ANote Music is the main stage for music investment.

Through our innovative platform and marketplace, music rights holders such as. recording artists, songwriters, record labels, publishers and producers,  can list and offer a portion of the future royalty interests deriving from the songs included in their music catalogues up for auction. Hence, sharing a portion of the royalties they would receive on a regular basis from royalty distributors (CMOs, PROs, digital distributors, etc.) to a wide network of music enthusiasts and investors.

ANote Music allows investors to get exposure to the growing music industry and diversify their portfolio with an asset that has proven to be uncorrelated from traditional financial markets fluctuations, as well as providing constant passive cash flows and competitive yields. At the same time, music rights holders are able to leverage on their future royalty streams to get immediate access to funds, while maintaining creative and management control over their music catalogues.