What does ‘limited trading activity’ mean?

A moment of ‘limited trading activity’ refers to  the moment in which you want to place a bid or an order for one or more shares and in which the platform detects that there are none or not enough shares available to complete the trade (listed as a buy- or sell-order). You can always verify all available buy- and sell-orders  in the order book which is visible on each individual catalogue page: 


Auction Catalogue - active orders (1)

You can still place your order when there is ‘limited trading activity’ happening. Your order will automatically get registered into the order book, and remain there until a matching buy- or sell-order gets placed, or until you cancel the order. In case of  ‘limited trading activity’, and thanks to our ‘Investor Protection Programme’, our platform will alert you about the fact that you may have to wait some time before the order gets executed.

If you placed the order but you choose no to wait any longer, you can always decide to cancel your order in the Pending orders section of your Portfolio. 

If you still have questions about the trading activity, please contact us at support@anotemusic.com directly.