What are your fees?

While we offer commission-free bidding and trading on the platform, we collect fees from the Royalty Payments and auction proceeds.

Listing fee

The listing fee is applicable to the amount raised by Transferors on the Primary Market when they are selling their rights in an auction on the Platform. This fee is agreed upon with the seller, prior to publishing the catalogue online.

Distribution fee

ANote Music will retain a percentage of the Royalty Payments distributed to investors to cover for the management and administration of the Rights and Royalty Payments. You can always find additional info about this within the catalogue page.

We only withhold a 4% distribution fee for Shares acquired in the Primary Market.
For Shares acquired on the Secondary Market, an 8% distribution fee is applied.

The distribution fee for any Catalogue is capped at 0.5% of the amount you invest in that Catalogue (the catalogue market capitalisation at the moment of distribution)