What are NOTES:

NOTES work as a fungible token, bringing utility functions. It has been designed with the main purpose of supporting and empowering the community of investors on ANote Music.

In practice, NOTES function as the backbone of the Backstage Pass loyalty program, similar to loyalty points in standard loyalty programs. They empower account holders to maximise their experience on ANote Music, accessing exclusive opportunities and benefits. Holding a higher number of NOTES will increase the amount of cashbacks and benefits from the Backstage Pass offerings.

The amount of NOTES you hold determines your level on the Backstage Pass Program as well as how much cashback you are eligible for. Every NOTES you have means you can get cashback on one euro you've invested. You can earn NOTES by participating in auctions, buying exclusive offers, trading catalogues and getting royalty payouts. You can check the benefits section for more detailed information.

What is a token:

Why on the blockchain


What is a token: 

A token refers to a digital asset or unit of value that is created and managed using blockchain technology. There are different types of tokens depending on their functionality. NOTES, for instance, are utility tokens. Utility tokens give access to specific products or services.

The NOTES token unlocks access to the Backstage Pass, providing benefits like cashback for specific platform activity, trading rewards, royalties payouts and much more.

For further information on tokens, we recommend exploring the wealth of information available online :)

Why on the blockchain: 

The decision to incorporate blockchain technology into ANote Music's platform from its early stages was driven by a commitment to ensuring transparency and traceability of transactions. This commitment extends to the handling of NOTES, where the aim is to seamlessly integrate them within the platform’s ecosystem. By connecting one's wallet address and providing ownership proof, the process becomes entirely decentralised. This decentralised approach aligns with the company's ethos, offering account holders a seamless experience regardless of whether they opt for wallet custodians or prefer to safeguard their own keys.


If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding the NOTES feel free to reach out to our team at support@anotemusic.com.