How to create or connect a wallet?

Connecting or creating your wallet is a straightforward process. If you already own a portfolio of music royalties of over €200, you're eligible to activate the Pass. Simply navigate to the Backstage Pass page and click on "Activate Blue Pass," then read and accept the terms and conditions.

Once activated, you'll be directed to a section where you can choose to create a free wallet, provided by Privy, which takes only a few seconds. Alternatively, if you already have a wallet, you can opt to connect it to your ANote account. Just follow the steps provided as you proceed.

connect wallet

Your wallet address is always visible in the top right corner of the page, allowing you to easily confirm its status and contents using any available blockchain explorers.

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Why do I need a wallet?

What is a wallet?

Wallet provider - Privy

  • Why do I need a wallet?: 

The wallet acts as a secure repository for your NOTES. Built on blockchain technology, both the Backstage Pass loyalty program and NOTES operate seamlessly. NOTES, functioning as utility tokens, offer a range of benefits to their holders, with ownership recorded securely on the blockchain via the wallet.

When enabling the Backstage Pass in your account, you have the choice to either link an existing wallet or have one created for you free of charge. Select your preferred option to proceed.

  • What is a wallet?

A virtual or digital wallet is a software-based tool that enables users to securely store, manage, and conduct transactions with various digital assets, including tokens or cryptocurrencies. These wallets typically provide users with private keys or addresses on the blockchain, allowing them to access their assets through applications or platforms within the network.

For further details into digital wallets on the blockchain, we recommend exploring the wealth of information available online :)

  • Wallet provider - Privy

Privy is a Web3 wallet provider specialising in constructing self-custodied wallets for integration into platforms and services like ANote Music's. This ensures user-friendly accessibility and maintains users' control over their wallets.

For more information please visit Privy’s official website:

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding the virtual wallet feel free to reach out to our team at