NOTES rewards

Account holders who actively engage in platform activities such as trading or bidding will qualify to receive NOTES as rewards.



Royalty Payout

  • Auctions

If you successfully participate in one or more auctions on the platform, you have the chance to receive both cashback and NOTES. To understand how cashback is calculated across auctions, refer to the Cashback calculator.

Additionally, if your bids are successful at the end of an auction, you'll also receive 100 NOTES. It's important to note that to qualify for both tokens and cashback, your bids in an auction must be at least €100.

  • Trading

You have the opportunity to earn 5 NOTES for each trade, whether you're buying or selling shares on our Marketplace. However, please note that this reward is capped at five trades per week. To familiarise yourself with trading on the secondary market, please visit: Steps for placing a trade on the secondary market.

  • Royalty Payout

With every payout or royalties distribution of a catalogue you own, you receive passive royalties based  on the number of royalty shares you hold. Now, with the Backstage Pass, you have the added perk of receiving 25 NOTES during each payout, irrespective of the amount of royalties disbursed.

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding the Backstage Pass rewards feel free to reach out to our team at