How to place a bid on an Auction

Each time a new music catalogue is added on the platform, ANote Music together with the original right holders (artist, record label, publisher,...) will list it as an auction. You can place bids to acquire fractional shares from those music catalogues and get access to the future royalty streams, commission-free. Once the auction ends, if your bids are successful, shares will be exchanged from the original owners and get allocated to your portfolio, giving you the right to receive the corresponding share of royalty payments.


Placing a bid on the primary market

From your Home page follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to ‘Marketplace’ > ‘Auctions (Primary Offers)’
  2. Select the active auction of your preferred catalogue 
  3. Click on ‘Place a bid
  4. Set your bid using ‘Price View’ or ‘Budget View
    - In ‘Price View’: specify whether to match the highest or the lowest bid. Be mindful that bids may miss out on winning the auction if they get outbidded by higher bids.
    - In ‘Budget View’: specify the total amount of money you are willing to invest, while the platform will calculate how many shares that equals, using the lowest winning bid.
  5. Click on ‘Proceed
  6. Review and verify your bid
  7. Click Confirm’ to finalise placing your bid. 
  8. Your bid is now active! Monitor the closing of the auction and  allocation.

You can always manage all of your active bids in your ‘Portfolio’ section, at any time before the closing of an auction.