How to correctly confirm and validate your identity.

In order to upload funds, participate in auctions or buy and sell shares on the ANote Music platform you will first need to verify your identity. This is an important step to comply with the local Luxembourg and European regulatory framework for organisations handling funds, and also to avoid any form of fraudulent behaviour such as money laundering or countering the financing of terrorism, making sure all the transactions on our platform are legitimate.

At ANote Music, we partner with Mangopay SA, an experienced and audited payment service provider, regulated in Luxembourg by the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier), to execute the ‘Identity Verification’ process (also known as KYC) for everyone who wants to create an account on our platform.


Confirm your identity:

The verification process is automated and uses the identity documents uploaded by each investor. It is possible that the identity verification is not approved from the first try because either the documents or the format in which they were uploaded encounters an error. Below you will find a list of the most common reasons for rejection and how to avoid them: 

  1. Document unreadable: This means that the uploaded documents are in black and white and/or the colours in the photo are diminished, usually due to a poor resolution of the images/scans. Another possible reason is that the images have a washed out background and therefore affect the readability of the document.

    To avoid this, first make sure that the documents you will upload are in colour, NOT in black and white, and have a clear background. Tip: try taking photos with your phone but without flash preferably using natural light. 
  2. Data mismatch: This error will appear when you sign up using a social network login (i.e Facebook/Google/Apple) and your profile name is different from the name displayed on your identity documents.

    To avoid this, you can either sign up creating an account with your email and a password, using your full legal name. Alternatively, you can contact our team at and we will manually update the name linked to your account created with social login. 
  3. Wrong document: Only official documents can get accepted during the validation process. Keep in mind the documents required according to your country of residence and/or your nationality.



    European Economic Area

    Passport, driving licence, national ID card, residence permit


    Passport, driving licence, residence permit

    USA, Canada or Australia 

    Passport, national ID card, driving licence

    International (meaning any other country that is not mentioned above)


  4. Document outdated: This error will occur when the document that you have submitted is no longer valid and has expired.

    To avoid this, please make sure to upload a new document where the expiration date is still valid.

The best thing in order to avoid these errors and speed up your Identity Verification process is:

  • To make sure to send the right documents;
  • To make sure to send high quality pictures;
  • To make sure back and front are clearly visible; 
  • To make sure all borders of the document are showing (no cut-offs); 
  • To make sure everything is well visible with no shadows, no light reflections or any objects (including fingers) covering the document.

Please take a look at the following examples as reference to prevent your documents from being rejected:


The automated process will give you 3 attempts to upload the required documents correctly. If after the third attempt you still didn’t manage to upload the documents accordingly, a manual upload will be required in order to complete the verification of your identity to activate your account. Please contact our team for this.

If your documents get rejected for any other reason different from the ones listed in this article, do not worry. Simply send us an email to and our team will further assist you.