How to benefit from the referral bonus?

As a member of our community, you may already know about our referral program through which you and your friends can earn a €25 welcome bonus. However, to receive this bonus, there are some important steps and details you should be aware of.

To receive the €25 bonus, your invited friend will need to complete creating their account and successfully invest at least €200. This means acquiring shares from one or multiple catalogues by participating in auctions or by purchasing shares from other investors in our secondary market for an accumulative amount of €200 or more.

Just make sure your friends enter the code in the dedicated section when signing up on the platform or that they use your dedicated referral link, which will automatically fill out your unique referral code. To get your referral code, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the “Invite a friend” section by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner on desktop or the 3 white lines on top left of the screen on your mobile device and selecting ‘Profile’.

  2. Click on “Copy to clipboard” to copy your Referral link, the referral code is indicated just above it. You can also invite your friends straight from the platform by entering their email address, our system will send them all needed information, including your unique referral link, directly to their inbox. 

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In order for your friend to receive the referral bonus, it is necessary for them to include the code during the sign-up process (image below).

All investments are cumulative, which means that your invited friend does not need to invest the entire €200 all at once. The bonus however will only get distributed to both of your accounts after your friend's total investments have reached €200.

If your friend participates in one of the auctions on our platform, their funds will remain locked until the end of the auction. The amount of the entered bid during the auction will only be accounted for towards the bonus if your friend’s bids have been successful and the shares get assigned to their account.

Remember that there is no limit on the number of friends that you can invite to join the ANote Music platform to benefit from this bonus. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding our referral program or any other aspect of our platform, our support team  can always be reached at