How does Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) work?


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security feature designed to enhance the protection of your online accounts. It adds an extra layer of security beyond just using a password. 

On ANote Music's platform, you can opt to activate 2FA through two methods: an SMS,  containing a one-time password/pin (OTP) sent to the phone number registered in your profile or, through the use of a Time-based OTP (TOTP) where the OTP is generated through an authentication app of your choice. This code is time-sensitive and changes at regular intervals (usually every 30 seconds), 

How does it work? 

  1. Activate the 2FA option from your profile Account Settings. You will be logged out after its activation.
  2. Log in again to the platform.
  3. Enter your password as you normally would.
  4. Receive a unique code via your authenticator app or an SMS message.
  5. Enter this code on ANote Music's platform to finalise the login procedure.

If you choose to use the authenticator app, this involves using a mobile application to generate a time-sensitive code: 

To set it up:

  1. Download and install a third-party authenticator app on your smartphone. Popular ones include Google Authenticator, Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator.
  2. Enable 2FA on your ANote Music account on your Profile Account Settings
  3. During the setup process, you will see a QR code on the screen or the option to copy a unique setup key to link the authenticator app.
  4. Open the authenticator app and choose to "Add an account", “Enter a setup key” or "Scan a QR code."
  5. Copy the link from the platform into the authenticator app or use your phone's camera to scan the QR code displayed on the platform.

Once linked, the authenticator app will generate a new, time-sensitive code (usually every 30 seconds) for that account. Each time you login to ANote Music, you will be asked to enter the active code from your authenticator app. 

Please make sure that you don’t lose access to your selected authenticator app. For instance, refrain from uninstalling the authenticator app or erasing the code linked to your ANote Music account without first disabling 2FA in your profile settings. If your authenticator app offers account backup options, it's advisable to utilise them in case you need to switch devices or in the event of phone loss. Losing access to your authenticator app will result in the inability to log in independently.

If you still have questions about how the 2FA works, please contact us at directly.