How does the ‘Buy-One-Of-All’ feature work?

The ‘Buy-One-Of-All’ feature gives you the option to purchase at once a certain number of shares from all the available catalogues on the platform. Instead of hand-selecting one by one all the music catalogues you would like to invest in, you can open the ‘Buy-One-Of-All’ feature, and enter the amount you wish to invest.

A protocol is used for this feature which searches the platform for shares of catalogues that are available for trade on the secondary market and for which you don’t have an outstanding sell-order. The protocol will do a check on all available shares and will automatically exclude those with an asking price where the historical yield has been negative for at least two out of the previous three years and where the combined average is below 3%. A dedicated and in-house developed algorithm will determine the historical yield, weighted on each share's selling price, for the periods of one, two and three years, in order to give a general overview of the estimated profitability of all bundled shares.

The amount that you want to invest must be specified and it should be equal to or higher than the combined total of all the lowest sell-orders from the available orders in the trading book, in order to buy at least one share per catalogue. The platform will select a group of catalogues comprising an equal number of shares for each included catalogue. Several bundle packages will be proposed to you and you’ll be able to select the one that best fits the budget that you wish to invest and the amount of shares that you wish to acquire. 

Once the shares are purchased and become available in your portfolio, you’ll instantly be able to trade them individually again on the secondary market.


Steps for utilising the ‘Buy-One-Of-All’ feature

From your ‘Home’ page follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to ‘Marketplace’ > Find the ‘Buy-One-Of-All’ banner/card and click ‘Buy now!BOOA - Frame
  2. Specify the total amount you are willing to invest
  3. Click on ‘Next’ to see all available bundle packages
  4. Select your preferred bundle BOOA - Modal
  5. Click on ‘Confirm buy’ to review and verify your ‘Buy-Order’
    • If the market is open, the orders will be executed immediately, while if it's closed, they will be executed as soon as the market opens
    • If an order is not executed because someone else bought it right before you, the order will be added onto your ‘Pending orders’

  6. After verifying your ‘Buy-Order’ click on ‘Confirm buy’ to finalise placing your order
  7. Once the order is executed, the catalogue shares will be visible in the ‘Owned catalogues’ section in your portfolio
  8. If you want to sell shares that you’ve purchased with the ‘Buy-One-Of-All’ feature, you can do so individually, even if you bought them all at once, following the ‘Steps for placing a trade on the secondary market’.

KEEP IN MIND:  You will only see catalogues in the bundles with sell orders from other investors available on the secondary market, and with an average yield superior to 3%. In the case you have outstanding sell orders for a specific catalogue, the catalogue will be excluded from the ‘Buy-One-Of-All’ feature and shares won’t be  visible in the proposed bundles.