What is the role of blockchain on ANote Music platform?

Any transaction request will be written immutably on our blockchain.

ANote Music has created its own proprietary cutting-edge Blockchain to ensure that all transactions in Royalty Interests and related Rights are auditable and transparent from day one.

Any transaction request will be written immutably on our blockchain, such as a transaction to buy Royalty Interests. When a user transacts on the Platform, ANote Music signs the request, registers it in an anonymized form in our blockchain, and executes it straight away, in order not to have the user wait. The blockchain is only immutable if we are not the only ones to operate it. That is why, every major new listing gives the right to operate a node of our blockchain, reinforcing trust for all actors of the ecosystem. Some partners are also invited to operate nodes of our private blockchain. Finally, even without other actors validating the protocol, ANote self restrains from any modification possibility by committing the current state of its internal blockchain every couple of blocks to the main ethereum public chain. This ensures all transactions are stored and recorded in a fully verifiable format.